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We will provide you everything you request in easy to understand terms. Clear and simple. With five floors of Lexus vehicles available, our state-of-the-art showroom offers Lexus buyers a vast array of cars and luxury SUV models in stock right here at our West Kendall dealership in addition to full access to our Kendall Lexus location inventory. We aim to please and are happy to assist you.

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If you are just window sticker shopping or ready to evaluate your early lease return options, we are happy to help you in any stage of the car buying process. You are one click away. Please ask us. Should not have gotten that kind of treatment. Be very careful and don't take anyone at their word.

We all know why car salespeople have the reputation they do! This was NO Different! I have tried 4 times to reach Infiniti Financial Services, and each time I am on hold for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, I hang up.

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I honestly don't want to buy my 3rd Infiniti because of the terrible customer service. I will be looking at Lexus this time around or maybe even Acura. I had a Honda before and there were no issues at all. I currently lease an Infiniti Q It is my third Infiniti in a row, and I have always been pleased with the performance of the automobile. The reason for this is the terrible service provided by Infiniti Financial Services. I take great pride in always paying all my bills within 3 days of receipt, and have never had any overdue debts or loans.

The one exception has been with Infiniti Financial Services, where i have had several months where for whatever reason I did not receive a bill, and the following month received notice that I was overdue. In every instance I immediately repaid the past due amount, as your records will show. This was quite annoying to me, and I tried to prevent this by signing up for automatic payments.

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However, when I tried to log on to your website I had nothing but problems, and when I tried to call your so-called "customer service" number I was put on hold repeatedly until I no longer had the patience to stay on the line. Your customer service is horrible. I give up. I have a FX35 Infiniti. I bought this car 2nd hand. That is when I found the extended warranty of fixing this faulty materials used for the dashboard. Not being notified by any resources. I contacted Infiniti by phone, by letter and was turned down within 5 min. Eight months have passed since l have brought a battery warranty to be replaced to Bammarito Infiniti.

No reply of any kind.


Finally l went to see what's greatest minds of automotive industry has decided after 8 months of tiredness work. The General manager after lengthy conversation basically had told me that there are many variables in why You are as Co. I just wanted to get a battery, that l had paid for and You had warranted,not a lecture on extenuating circumstances. Needless to say it's a last lnfininty l would ever buy,and as to Co. I purchased this used car from your dealership in Oct The car had k miles when I purchased it.

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In Feb approx k miles the car had me stranded on the road with a block radiator. I had to spend quite a lot of money towing the car to the dealership and then spend another dollars or so to get the car repaired. They said they checked everything and replaced the radiators and related components. Fast forward 4 months later, on Jun , I had over heating issues again. I again had to tow the car to the dealership to be serviced. This time it is a fan that controls radiator or something that would would incur another dollars.

The response I am getting from service specialist is that the car has k miles and it is natural for parts to go bad. My assumption when I purchased a premium car like Infiniti was that things would hold together much longer than what is happening in my car. That's the main reason one purchases a premium luxury car like Infniti, for that comfort and reliability.

If it is known that infiniti will start breaking apart after k miles, I would have purchased another car which would have costed lot less to me, both cost of buying and ongoing services. I sure feel that the car has some underlying stability and reliability issues for which I am being made to pay for. Infiniti reps have categorically refused to even look at the car saying it is our of warranty. I guess Infiniti doesnt take customers seriously and just want to make more money.

Very poor service. I'm sending this email because I had the worst service since owning my Q I have had a few problems with the Gwinnett, GA Infiniti car services in the past, so I solely used the Decatur location. The last day to use the coupon was on the 3 of July. I set an appointment for AM, arrived around AM to check in. I advised the Service Representative that I needed an oil change and I needed my suspension checked because of squeaking sound. The Service Representative asked if I was going to wait. I told him depending on what size loaner vehicles they had.

As I was waiting in line for a loaner vehicle, I was told that there was no paperwork for me to get a loaner. One of the Guys who was working with the loaner vehicles, got my paperwork and said "Oh, he just getting an oil change".


I asked him if that was the only thing on my paperwork. He advised me, "Yes". I told him to forget it and I went to the waiting area. While sitting outside, because no room inside, my Service Representative comes and tells me around or AM a good hour and a half later that I need front and rear struts. I am lost now. I guess I did have something other than oil change on my paperwork. He also told me that my car was ready just needed to come from the Wash. It would take 20 to 25 minutes. It started to rain, so the few of us that was outside had to leave to come and stand inside. I stood and looked out of the window for another hour and fifteen to thirty minutes waiting on my vehicle that was coming from the Wash.

The Service Representative walked by me at least four times, that I counted, and never said anything to me about why it was taking so long. This was one of the biggest kickers, there was a guy right in front of me getting a loaner vehicle. I saw the same guy return his loaner and picked up his personal vehicle. That just is not right. Finally, the Service Representative called me to come to his office to pay my bill and get my key.

He never said anything about why it took over three hours. There was only a few things I brag about one is the hidden secret that I have in the Infiniti Q45 and the great service that Infiniti gives to its customers. The last year or two Infiniti services has declined for me, or at least in the Metro Atlanta area. Very, very disappointed!! Customer service is not what you would expect from a luxury brand auto company, Infiniti motors customer service is horrible and the dealers, well the were very nice when i was making the purchase.

Still fighting a month long battle to get my transmission fixed that's under warranty on the most expensive vehicle they sell hopefully i'll get it fixed after reading the reviews about this company i'm sure one day they will be forgotten like the yugo car company. I do not like how you guys run your service I would like a refund back customer service is very horrible. I think that all Infinity customer related staff should attend the Honda training school, to learn how to treat and deal with customers. I wrote a review last year that was long and accurate.

The management contacted me to plead that I take the review off which I did. I am not a bad person and for Infiniti a great customer. I was promised that next time in Infiniti would take care of me in some special way. Just needed to make myself known I was there. Well all I did today was do just that. Current car needed an oil change and new key batteries. No biggy.

live.yssofindia.org/volvo-240-transmisin-manual-aceite.php So mentioned this to the lad as I checked my car for service and that is all. Guessed I would find out when I left what way they would take care of me. Last time they tried to extract as much money for nothing as they could. That was the issue without a smile even. Today, just now the service director came down and got on my case. Very rude. Tells me all they get from me is trouble over the past 5 years.

I told him the reason I have been around for 5 years is all the cars I have bought. I did what was asked. I was asked to let known next time i was in. Got crap for it. So many better dealers. Don't mind the Infiniti cars but so many others. BMW or Mercedes now.

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  • The man who just confronted me in the most rude manner was Robert Tancredi he was so rude and confrontational. He is Service Director. Very very rude person. Ended up turning his back on me and not returning. I had words with him to let him know how I felt on leaving. NOT Good ones. Employee Pricing on Tires Get employee pricing on tires. Certain restrictions apply, see your Service Consultant for details. May not be combined with any other offer. Disclaimer: Must present coupon at time of service write-up. Brake Pad Replacement and Rotor Resurface. Cannot be combined with any other discount.

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